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Become an Avon Representative - Why not YOU, Why not TODAY - feel free to give me a call to find out more it could be just what you are looking for.

Join my team and I will show you ways of making money, I will come to see you in the comfort of your own home and I will bring you FREE brochures, FREE training booklets and other tools to set you up to start your own Avon Business. I will arrange for you to deliver to an area or you can just deliver to family and friends if you prefer. I will show you how to start earning, I will give you ongoing training, support and motivate you to reach YOUR goals at YOUR pace.  No experience or qualifications necessary!   

Money Opportunities

Be your own Boss

If you enjoy being an Avon Rep you could consider 

Avon_picstaking the next step which is by becoming an Avon Sales Leader working for yourself,  you would still be an Avon Representative, it is home based work where you recruit a team and earn off your teams' orders. The earnings with this are unlimited and there is £6070.00 in bonuses available! 

You will work the hours to suit you, work with great Avon products, building your business to suit you, making your own choices, appreciating flexibility that fits in around your lifestyleand you will be in control of your earnings! 

Although Avon is a company predominantly aimed at women there are lots of products for men, lots of male Avon Reps and Sales Leaders and some of the top earners are men! The top earners have appeared in the news to tell their stories.

Click the following to see the Avon DVD with real people telling you how to have a business working from home, earning extra money with Avon!

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