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Tips to Increase Sales

Tips to Increase Sales

  • Ask all of your customers (including family and friends) to show the brochure to at least one more person. Try to increase your customers by two each and every campaign.
  • Ask your customers if they would like to take a brochure to work or wherever they go, and you will give them a discount or a free gift, which could be an item out of the Clearance or Hello Tomorrow. (If you say a discount I would advise you state 'on orders over maybe £15.00' or whatever you decide, you have to be careful of people placing the second order of only £3.00 and having to give discount on their orders of £35.00 or more for example), but it is a good way of getting new customers.
  • You could try putting several order forms into the brochure.
  • You could also try putting two in, and writing on the one 'for a friend'. Then when you get new customers do the same for them and you will soon increase your customers.
  • You could offer a free gift for existing customers finding new customers (an item out of the Clearance or Hello Tomorrow).
  • Re canvass your territory from time to time with old brochures, at the end of the campaign and back order (so if you lose any you no longer need them anyway).
  • You could offer a free gift on their third or whatever order in a row and/or state how much the order has to be in order to get the free gift.
  • Revisit your Who Do You Know List in your Training Book and see if there is anyone on that who you could go and take a brochure to.
  • Look at your address book in your mobile phone, and see if there’s anyone there you could take a brochure to, always remembering anyone they know too.
  • Ask at a work place where there are lots of people, you only need to make one journey for hopefully several orders, and use one brochure and several order forms.
  • Host an Avon Party. You can order lots from the Hello Tomorrow even invitations, Breast Cancer Crusade items, have a raffle, play games - there are quizzes and ideas on the website, have some nibbles, a display, some samples, lots of brochures and take orders.
  • You can draw a grid of 50 squares, sell each square for £2.00 putting peoples names and contact details in each square.  When you have sold all the squares, you can pick two names out of a container or just close your eyes and point to two names. (You could always use a number system). When you have sold all the squares you will then have received £100.00. The first winner receives £50.00 worth of free products (and they can choose the items or you can) and the second winner receives £25.00 of free products (both at brochure price so it costs you less) and you keep £25.00.  This means you will be gaining £75.00 more of orders to help you towards Presidents Club and you also get the commission on that £75.00! - let me know if you want a grid because I will be doing one on the computer and I can send you a copy.
  • You can draw a grid of 3, 4 or 5 squares and put in each one goals for your customers.  Once they have ticked each square you can give them a free gift. The squares could consist of 1. An order of over £20.00, 2.Three orders in a row. 3. You could ask for a recommendation (of someone who wants also to be a rep and pass on to me and I will give you some free products when they place their first order.)  Any other ideas you have to boost your business and you can make the figures and boxes up to suit you.
  • Spray order forms with the latest fragrance and write in the box at the top for example “Latin Sensation or Ballroom Beauty”.  Particularly if it is a Money Maker from the Hello Tomorrow. Or put a few drops from a sample bottle of perfume on to some cotton wool and place it in with your customers orders and  write on the order form what the fragrance is.
  • Take advantage of the Money Makers, you can even sell things at a reduced cost to the brochure so your customers think they are getting a bargain, just a £1.00 or 2 less and you will still be making money. The good thing with Money Makers is you are usually charged in 2 campaigns time and although you are charged less by Avon, the award sales, ie the brochure price is added to your account towards your sales for Presidents Club.
  • Use samples in bags when you are delivering orders or put samples in the brochure.


Remember, ways of getting free items are:
  • Compare in the previous brochure or Hello Tomorrow or Clearance to see if items are cheaper (back order and still charge the customer the current brochure price).
  • Put orders together and get free items (for example in Campaign 10 it might be 3 for £5.00 and in Campaign 9 it might be 4 for £5.00) so you can back order and have the free item!
  • When there is a Beauty Bonus Bag, put orders together and claim your free bag!
  • On free beach bags or hand bags for example, put orders together and claim your free bag!
  • Look out for sun cream, make up or other creams where the offer is 4 for £5.00, 2 for £8.00 or 3 for £10.00 you might be able to claim a free item.
  • On make up, you might only have to add 50p or £1.00 to get another item for example.
  • On buy one item at normal price and buy the other item for 50p or £1.00, you could use your customers order and get something for 50p or £1.00.
  • These items can all be used individually at a later date, you can use them for yourself or you can give them to customers to thank them for large orders or you can use them for the above ideas, so make sure you are getting the most out of your Avon Business!

Avon product news update

In Campaign 11 Avon introduced Ulti-Minute Lifting Complex for just £15.99 great value for a great new product, it visibly lifts skin, helps tighten the connection between skin's layers, with results in just 30 seconds!

Also try out the new Fergie Viva fragrance!

In Campaign 12 you will find exciting offers on Anew Skincare, Senses shower gels and Avon deodorant for just 99p or mix and match on Naturals 3 items for £4.00! so many offers to suit everyone's needs!

Be a rep and take advantage of demo and up to 70% off on clearance items, so much available this summer with Avon!

Campaign 10 news

Exciting Avon Newsflash

For new reps starting in Campaign 10 which is now, on all orders of £78 which is the minimum order, you will be elligible to receive:

A free bottle of the new Viva Perfume by Fergie!

For the first two orders being over £78, a pack of Avon products worth £150!

£50 credited to your account for placing the first 3 orders in campaigns 10, 11 and 12 if your sales total £500 altogether!

As well as the Smart Start Plan with lots of samples and free gifts!

What could be a better start for your new Avon Business!

Contact me to join today!
01939 235823 / 07799 835395

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