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Frequently asked questions

Q   What is an Avon Representative?
A   A person who delivers brochures, places orders and
      delivers goods to customers.
Q   Who can be an Avon Representative?
A   Anyone, men and women over 18.
Q   How will I get paid?
A   As a Avon Rep, you receive the products, free delivery, from
      the carrier, you then sort the order and deliver to your
      customers, they then pay you, when you have all the money
      together you pay your bill and the money that is left is yours to
      spend as you wish.  It is all calculated for you. 
Q   Do I pay for brochures?
A   The first 40 brochures are free, then when you place your first
      order you start paying for them then, as a guide they are £7.36
      for 40 brochures but you can order as little or as many as
      you need, so effectively its free to try! 
Q   How much does it cost to start?
A   The start up fee is £15.00 divided over two campaigns. 
Q   Do I have to pay any money upfront?
A   No 
Q   I wonder how long it takes, if I'll have enough time?
A   You can do as much or as little as you want to, fitting it in around    
      your life and commitments, as either an Avon Representative or a
      Sales Leader, and you can control how much you want to earn.
Q   Can I return items?
A   Yes, all items can be returned free of charge with the carrier,
      there is a 90 day Avon guarantee. 
Q   Is there a minimum order value?
A   Yes its £78. 
Q   Can I place smaller orders than £78 per campaign.
A   Yes but you wouldn't earn commission. 
Q   Do I have to have a territory?
A   No you can take the Avon Brochure to family and friends and 
      any where you go socially and to their family and friends if
      you don't want to go door to door.  
Q   How often do I order?
A   You place your order every 3 weeks, this is because the Avon
      brochure changes every 3 weeks. 
Q   As an Avon Representative or Sales Leader do I get any
A   On all orders you place yourself, you will receive 20% or 25%
      commission depending on the size of your overall order.  You
      also receive a Hello Tomorrow every campaign with information
      on all the new products coming, these are discounted products
      and there is up to 70% off on the clearance this is exclusively
      available to Reps and Sales Leaders.  
Q   Am I tied in for a certain amount of time? 
A   No, if you decide to finish for any reason you simply contact me
      and let me know the change in your circumstances, settle your
      bill, you are then free to finish and you can even re-join at any
      time if you want to in the future.    
Q   How much will I earn?
A   Approximately 25% commission, on orders of £200 you will
      earn £50, on orders of £400 you will earn £100, on orders of
      £500 you will earn £125, the more you sell, the more you earn. If
      you just want to earn a little extra that is totally up to you or if you  
      would like to earn more, that is possible too.
Q   How much support will I be given?
A   As much as you need and as and when you need it.
Q   How long does an Avon Campaign last?
A   An Avon Campaign lasts 3 weeks.
Q   Do I pay for delivery? 
A   Your Avon delivery is free on on time orders over £10.00.
Q   How do I pay my bill?
A   Around 13 days after you receive your order, you will need to pay
      either online or at the post office or bank. Your invoice is  
      calculated for you so its made very easy.
Q   What is Sales Leadership?
A   Where you are an Avon Representative and you
      recruit, train and support a team of Avon Representatives and
      earn off their orders.
Q   What is the earnings potential with Sales Leadership? 
A   The sky is your limit!
Q   Are there bonuses available with Sales Leadership?
A   Yes, to begin with up to £180, with a potential of £6070 in total!
Q   How will I get paid as a Sales Leader?
A   You will receive two payments every 3 weeks as a Representative
      as above, and as a  Sales Leader the money will go into your bank
      account every 3 weeks when it is all calculated by Avon.
Q   Do I need internet access?
A   Yes it is essential.
Q   Do I need to be able to drive?
A   No usually your territory is within walking distance but if you go
      on to do Sales Leadership it is easier if you drive. 
Q   What do I need to do to start Avon?
A    You can give me a call, text or email me and we can discuss it
      further, without obligation and I can answer any questions you
      may have or if you have decided to go ahead you can simply click
      'JOIN NOW' on my contact page and fill in your email
      address first and then your details, don't worry this doesn't mean
      you'll get lots of emails from Avon or anyone else, its simply the
      process you need to follow to apply to my team.  I look forward to
      hearing from you!
If you have any questions that aren't listed above please feel free
to go to my Contact Page and Contact me. To start click here JOIN NOW